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Bird Cages by Avian Accents

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The Industry Leader in Bird Cage Functionality, Safety & Opulence.
Often Copied...
But NEVER Equaled.

Dust Guards Are STANDARD!

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Beautiful Bird Cages For Birds Big or Small!

NEW ITEM! Small Bird Aviaries
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The PERFECT bird cage for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living
Facilities or any other public space.

Bird Cages

Beautiful Bird Cages

by Avian Accents
For Those Who Want The Best!

* Furniture Quality Beauty & Styling
* Unparalleled Safety & Comfort
* Impeccable Strength & Durability
* Made In The USA


  • Key Locks
  • Dust Guards - NO MORE MESS!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE Against Broken Welds & Wood Chewing
  • First Furniture with STEEL Interiors and STEEL Bars
  • First and ONLY Bird Cages to assemble with NO SCREWS using our TRADEMARK LOCKING JOINT!

All of our bird cages are designed with an unparalleled quality and superior workmanship by skilled craftsmen with years of experience. We only use state of the art woodworking equipment in our own shop, so we can ensure you receive the highest quality product at a reasonable price.

We know that living with birds can be very challenging so we have designed our cages to be safe, mess-free, and easy to clean. You may not know it is a birdcage at all. The mess stays in the cage, not all over the floor around it. We make simply the best and easiest to clean bird cage on the market! You will feel proud to display your new aviary to the delight of all who visit your home.

A Few Facts About Our Bird Cages:

  • We are the FIRST name in Avian Furniture.
  • At least 1/3 of our business is from repeat customers.
  • Our return rate is less than 1%
  • Our clientele include: Celebrities, Congressmen, NFL Stars, Mr. USA and everyone else looking for a high quality bird cages.

Bird Cage Safety & Durability

Our bird cages are so durable you can stand in them!Avian Accents offers the style & quality that most other can't. We take pride in designing our bird cages to be safer and more comforting for your pet while also complimenting any room of your home. Our bird cages are fine pieces of furniture, that offer mess free cleaning. and maintenance. We offer a beautiful variety of wood bird cages along with many stains and paint colors to choose from. Custom matching is also available in an almost unlimited amount of colors. Please take a moment to see how our particular brand of craftsmanship and bird cage design will keep you coming back for more...

Furniture Style Bird Cages
Simply The Best Bird Cages
Slide out grates & storage drawers make clean up a snap.
Slide out pans grates & storage drawers.
Removable seed guards standard on every cage.
Removable seed guards standard on every bird cage.
Parrot and Macaw Bird Cages
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